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Last Revised: 2013


o, [m.] vn. of ad-cuirethar. Lit. act of throwing back, but freq. with force of ath- very much reduced.

(a) act of giving back, returning, restoring: is mesech a athcur cib cuin ro-cara, ZCP xvi 211.33 = is meisech athcu[i]r, xv 246 § 5 . ni astaither in saorrath cin athchur, Laws ii 216.23 Comm. diablad fria n-athchur (of stock), v 222.x Comm. cuic seoit ┐ athchur sunn uile san athgabail, 254.13 Comm.

(b) With FOR act of returning to, restoring to: ind praind sin do adcor forsind comdid `to cast that meal back upon the Lord', Mon. Tall. 148.25 (§ 58) (perh. in physical sense to vomit). ma ta aice nech for a derndta athcur, dena (of a wife), Laws v 144.16 Comm. no co nderna a athchur for a athair `until he returns him to his father', iii 502.19 Comm. (of returning a child from fosterage). gu caemsatís a a.¤ focetoir for righ (of a doubtful child whom no `fine' will admit), O'D. 2312 ( Rawl. B 506, 31d ). dá mbeith si 'ga ha.¤ ort `if she be restored to thee' (a wife), TD 20.50 . Hence of handing back, renouncing (a pact, etc.): luid . . . do a.¤ a chairdessa for Coin Culaind to return his friendship to C. (i.e. to renounce his friendship with C.), LU 6017 (TBC). tarmartatar . . . dol do a.¤ a chotaig . . . fri righ Temrach to renounce, Anecd. ii 74 § 31 . ag iarraidh ádhbhar athchuir a chómhosaidh ar Chonn `a cause for breaking his truce', ML 70.25 . In later lang. act of urging upon, recommending to: tánag d'athchur Fhódla air / Aodh Ó Domhnaill Dúin Bhalair to urge the cause of Ireland on him, Magauran 3828 . do ghaolta dá hathchur ort / faghthar t'aonta don Iarlacht `thy kinsfolk pressing it on thee', Aithd. D. 37.34 . máthair Críost re n-abar ógh / bíodh dom athchar ar a huan, 90.8 . dia athchar forro cech . . . truagh nobhiad leo a tidlacad dia dun-som, Marco P. 124 . In literal sense: a athchur ar húa nAinmirech to hand him over to . . ., MR 246.22 . With DO: faidis . . . techta do athchar chisa do M. `to yield tribute to M.', Marco P. 156 .

(c) act of rejecting, adjourning, postponing (a suit): eric troisce tar dliged uaithib ┐ a n-athcur dogres `they shall . . . be non-suited', Laws i 86.28 Comm. cuic seoit ┐ athcur co laithe for sechtmain, 114.1 Comm. ? do beir in saíre athcur for anud `puts an end to the stay', ii 114.13 Comm. ma tainic in grad feine d'acra in graid flatha . . . ┐ ni tarta gella . . . dó is athcor cu cend bliadna, O'Curry 679 (H 3.18, 331). ? re nathcur caitche cethra co ruice fogelta compensating(?), 257 (H 3.18, 149b).

(d) act of throwing; throwing out or away, getting rid of, dispelling: re h-imud na n-urchur aca n-athchur eturru being exchanged, TTebe 3085 . na cathaighthe anall 's anonn / dar n-athchuirne ó all go hall swaying us, Aithd. D. 51.13 . tucatar . . . athchur coitcenn ar a cloidhmib ┐ ar a clogadaib, etc. they flung away weapons and armour (of routed troops), Caithr. Thoirdh. 68.20 . ni mōr nach gcuirit trī lēige d'a.¤ a pelér `they carry almost three leagues in shooting their bullets', Fl. Earls 68.2 . icc atc[h]ur a n-anmann . . . dara mbelaibh seachtair, CCath. 6125 . tainig soillsi . . . iar n-athchur an dorchadais, Aisl. Tond. 110 § 1 . tabhair phóig go díochra dhamh / dar móid fhiochdha budh athchar `this will be enough to dispel our angry feelings', Magauran 2551 . fescar flaithiusa ┐ . . . athchur airechais `destruction', MR 122.4 .

(e) act of expelling (person): athc[h]or ar an ord ēiccius expelling the poets, Sitzungsb. Pr. Akad. v (1919) 92 § 8 . glún mh'oileamhna dom a.¤ (obadh v.l.) `that the knee which nursed me should reject me', TD 3.46 . nír hachradh cách ó chridhe / gér ghnáth athchar ainbhfine though one usually wishes to expel a foe, Aithd. D. 71.35 . ó atáid Gaoidhil . . . ag a.¤ Ghall, O'Hara 2892 . T. . . . do athchur a flaithes ua mBriuin was expelled, AFM ii 1064.7 . ar macaibh Ruaidhri da.¤ uaidh `on condition that he should expel the sons of R.', iii 228.7 . d'athchur ┐ d'innarbad C[h]uinn, ML² 875 . arna n-a.¤ ┐ arna n-ionnarbadh a parrthas, TSh. 3607 . tugadh achur ┐ ionnarbadh ar in rí, ZCP xxxiii 135 § 24 . do chuireadoir ar achur ┐ ar ionnarbadh é, § 25 .

(f) Various: ro-mboísom do nirt . . . a n-indarba a tír Hérenn do a.¤ a ndíbergi allanall to transfer their plundering to the other side(?), BDD² 400 . cen tinntúd ┐ cen a.¤ cusin coimdid turning back, PH 4196 . cor ┐ athcor . . . in cloigem ort, Acall. 2249 v.l. (= a sochar ┐ a dochar in chloidim ort, text). act of replanting: benaid . . . a croinn a huir dia n-athcur doridhisi, Marco P. 165 .