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Last Revised: 2019

n (bán + apaid) lit. white harbouring. Unknowingly harbouring a person; harbouring a person before they have committed a crime. An offence less serious than that termed dergapaid : ma iar ndenam foghla . . . is lethfiach inn; gin urogra andso. Madh iar nurfogra . . . is a fegadh an dergapa[d], no in banapa[d], O'Curry 2535 ( Eg. 88, 44c). se ba gu nuingi for nech biathas fer nurfocra tar crich .i. cumal ban-aba[i]dh so a lesugh[ad] ┐ a comairlegadh anurraid, Laws iii 388.2 Comm. in cumal banapaidh fil i mbiathad do mic . . . tar sarugadh, i 166.14 Comm. cach cin do-dēna tarbānapaid ocin fir fine, is a trīan fair 'any offence which a person commits in violation of undefiled harbouring when with a kinsman, he (the kinsman) is liable for a third of the penalty', CB 232 § 66 . an bānapad in bīathad ┐ in dītiu rīa ndēnam cina. An dergapad in bīatha ┐ in dītiu īar ndēnamh cina 'undefiled harbouring consists of feeding and protecting before an offence is committed. Defiled (lit. 'red') harbouring consists of feeding and protecting after an offence is committed', CIH iv 1406.12 , CB 258 § 66 .