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Last Revised: 2019

Forms: beirbid, bruith, berbad

v also beirbid.

(a) boils, cooks: mani berba gl. decoxerit, Ml. 46c15 . no-mberbthide (? leg. -berbfide, Gloss.) dam co tinde and, BDD² 1449. in ro berbais in saill `hast thou boiled the bacon . . . ?' Three Hom. 60.5 . fulachtad na feola ┐ beirbid in brocdan, BB 236b5 . ro hatád torc trichemrúad mórtheined imme co romberbastar, RC xiii 58.3 . ni berbamm salla na cárnai we cook not salted nor fresh meat, Alex. 882. cearca beirbthear a mbeacān eanbruithi = gallina cocta cum modico brodio, RSláinte 1851. (of a plant used in dyeing) is i berbthar tresin fual isin or mban co ndene derg de, Auraic. 5566. trí chaecait cét coire n-uma / i mbeirbthea mid maige Mháin in which mead of M.M. was brewed, SG 362.15 . is mor bruitheas a chuithe / gen co bruithi ani berbas (a whirlpool), Anecd. i 12.z (SCano 404). ro berbi ar ind usci boiled it with the water, Mon. Tall. 147.10 . berbhtar limsa ar lossraidh na cailledh é (sc. a small bird), RC xxvi 374.5 .

(b) melts, dissolves: ro berbai in cend in cloich co ndechaid treithe the head had melted the stone, LL 14172. coro mberb ┐ co ro dílég cech n-anmanna boí inti, LL 21138 ( Dinds. 13 ). coro mberb (of snow), 37006 . is leis ro berbad ór ar tus i nHerind was smelted, 2022 . Fig. do bhearbh an t-éag a anáir 'Death dissolved his honour', Celtica xxvi 104 § 41 .

Note also: mo brú-sa ris nī berba (B. na f.), ACL iii 310.11 .

Part. lind brīge ┐ biad berbtha, Corp. Gen. 87.28 . do æl berbthi of baked lime, Rawl. 74b1 . Vn. bruith, berbad. Cf. 1 bruth.