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Forms: beos, beós, bós, fós, beos, beós, béus, bhius, bós, bhós

part also beos. Later beós, bós, fós (see fós). Disyll., Lament 13 , as monosyll., SR 5046. See Pedersen Vgl. Gr. i 271 , 457 . b.¤ in Ml. ( beous, Ml. 77b2 ), beos in Wb., Sg. 201b15 . b.¤ , LU 3395 , beós, 3740 . béus , LL 12521. bhius, TBC-LL¹ 6014. bós, Mon. Tall. 158.32 . bhós allit. with bhás, DDána 34.26 ( fós . . . fúthaibh, 26. 2 ).

(a) still, yet: b.¤ gl. usque (adhúc), Ml. 63a5 . do-b-tromma a n-accobor collnide beos gl. adhuc, Wb. 8c8 . beos gl. adhuc, 14c1 . atbiur beos `I say it still', 9b20 . béus = adhuc, Lat. Lives 52 § 44. ind hí lanamnas atái béus? `art thou still in the married state?' Mon. Tall. 134.25 . baí in t-imcosnam cetna beius imón curadmir, LU 9035 ( FB 78 ). bá ógṡlan b.¤ it was still whole, 10022 . cundat marthanaig béos still in existence (pillar-stones), MU² 310 (LL). co se b.¤ as yet, LU 5087 (TBC). With neg. ni thucat beos ruín ind rechto `they do not yet understand the mystery of the Law', Wb. 15a34 . ni rochumscigther són beos `it can never be moved', 30b15 . nimda sátech dom cluchi béos, LU 4996 ( TBC-I¹ 508 ).

(b) further; moreover, again; besides, also, in addition: do irgairiu na sainte beos `also to forbid greed', Wb. 12d32 . epert do Duaid b.¤ dombera Dia fortacht dond fiur firíen gl. etiam, Ml. 57c4 . ar cech lau b.¤ gl. (eorum)que, 75d1 . debe tintuda inso b.¤ `this too is a difference of rendering', 65c8 . forberad mu chland b.¤ `further', 88a10 . du adamrugud flatha solman ón b.¤ `to glorify the rule of Solomon again', 90a5 . cid fó cid for beous beme whether we sink moreover or swim, Snedg. u. Mac R 9.14 . dligid bēus (beos, bheós v.ll) cach dothge miscais, ZCP xi 84 § 34g . sruth tentide beos and andside, LU 2112 ( FA 18 ). dambad étaid in fer ca mbeind, nibad chomdas béus that too would not be fitting, TBC-LL¹ 41 ( LL 7586 ). co tarla anfud mór doib b.¤ isin bale cétna `again', Thes. ii 329.6 . lotar ond indsi sin for culu forsin n-ocian beos, RC x 60.5 ( LU 1922 ). dorad beous ár for choblach `also', xvii 419.23 . co ro móti bus ingnad lib beos `that ye may be yet more astonished', PH 3746. bheós = also, RSClára 42a .

With verbs expresses sense of continues, keeps on with the action of the verb: tecmallid dia domnich beos continue to collect on Sunday, Wb. 14a1 . á tinnacul a llaim hi llaim b.¤ that they should be passed on from hand to hand, Ml. 96d6 . aithrus ind anmcharat dia bliadna b.¤ `to consult his confessor once a year regularly', Mon. Tall. 144.2 tictis drecht díb b.¤ `kept coming' (Faraday), LU 5900 ( TBC-I¹ 1432 ). in comram do thairisem b.¤ (beos, v.l., R11), Sc.M² 11. do-das-athiged C. béos (MS.) C. continued to attend on them, MU² 922 (LU). tairissid beos `wait a while', PH 1415.

(c) yet, nevertheless, in spite of that: is fo chétbuid alanaile beos inso this, however (?), is according to the opinion of others, Sg. 201b15 . ní té(i)t a luige ó ḟi[u]r midbotha (?) beos his oath is still that of a f. m., Críth G. 70. ro-cechlastai a toitim in tan labras beóus it (viz. a needle) would be heard falling even when he is speaking (?), BDD² 793. rotmuirbiu[b]- sa beos I shall kill you all the same, Ériu v 72.12 .