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Forms: bruithean

n ā, f. (bruth; formed after ruithen, Wortk. 30 ) bruithean f., IGT Decl. § 54. heat, flame: cor tēigh in bith da bruithin its (the sun's) rays warmed the earth (at the birth of Christ), ACL iii 244 § 15. ar dteacht ó bheol na bruithne `as He came forth from the fire', PBocht 3.12 . crithri sin a mbeól bruithne the sparks before the flame, IGT Decl. ex. 1402 (= a beól bhr. 1296). bruithean ghréine, Magauran 3084 . ag bruithion (sic) ná ag boigṡín `glowing heat nor wet weather', Ériu ix 163 § 7. gabus tesbach ┐ bruithin an banntracht, xi 198.12 . roḟuilngus bruithin in ratha dīada I suffered the ardour of divine grace, ZCP xii 372.6 .