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anac(c)ar(th)ach stubborn, obstinate, pitiless
C hazel
c(h)erup(in) Cherub(im)
combrec(c) the Welsh language
diúc, diú(i)c(e) 1 leader; governor 2 duke
doac(c)aldmach gramm. appellative, common
doac(c)aldmaiche gramm. appellativity
ec(c)ailsech ecclesiastical, clerical
fec(c)aidecht back-sliding; flexibility, compliancy (?)
féc(c)id looks at, beholds
foirned handling in wide sense (manipulating, moving, arranging, tack- ling); a des[c]ent or fall down, to descend or fall down; I descend, fall down, humble
forfec(c)aid ? a backslider
glac(c) 1the first half-opened: a hand; grasp, clutch; handbook; a hand-gun; a handful 2Various extensions of the sense grasp, clutch applied to things: a fork, a branch, a cleft, a recess 3a holder, a receptacle, a quiver
2 mac(c) a bond, surety, also m. nascaire
mac(c)ach son-bearing, pregnant with a male-child
mac(c)acht king-sonship, position of a chief's son?
mac(c)ad the act of binding or securing (in law)
mac(c)all the herb avens, geum.
mac(c)amail like a son, filial
mac(c)án a little son, generally term of endearment.; In wider sense a male child, boy, youth; An epithet of John the Evangelist; In addressing seniors (term of endearment?); a girl
mac(c)ánta 1 youthful 2 mild, gentle, modest (usual sense); very meek
mac(c)ántacht 1 boyhood, early youth 2 gentleness, mildness
mac(c)ántas gentleness, mildness
mac(c)dacht 1 childhood, early youth; boyhood 2always of girls, apparently = of the age of puberty, i.e. of marriageable age.; Of a man, mild, gentle (?); childlike
mac(c)fuirmid a poet of the sixth or second lowest grade in the Irish order of `filid';
1 mac(c)rad 1 sons (coll.), children, offspring 2generally boys, youths (coll.; girls; Of young children (appa- rently only of the Holy Innocents)
mac(c)rae childhood, boyhood
mac(c)samla a son of likeness;; An equal, match, the like (of)
mac(c)slabra `son-cattle', a son-dowry
mac(c)thae pertaining to a boy, juvenile
maic(c)e boyhood, childhood
meinic(c) Frequent, recurring often
mesc(c) 1 drunk, intoxicated; transf. of liquor intoxicating; mixed, confused, muddled 2 confusion, pell-mell; a drunk man (?); in confusion, mixed up; in (into) the midst of
muc(c) 1a pig, sow; Of a wild pig or boar 2a sea-hog, porpoise 3name of a war-engine, a shed under cover of which besiegers undermined the walls of a city 4a sow's litter or brood; pig- slaughter; a trench or furrow made by a pig rooting?; a boar; pig-loss; a pigsty; sow-Ogham', a species; a herd of pigs
muc(c)ach pertaining to swine
muc(c)aid a swineherd
muc(c)aidecht herding swine; the office of a swineherd
muc(c)airbe a name given to the `mac fuirmid' or second lowest grade of file
muc(c)álach a brood or litter of pigs
muc(c)dae pertaining to swine
muc(c)lach a piggery
muc(c)rad pigs (coll.)
muc(c)recht a pig's gut; a sausage
muic(c)ín a little pig?
muinchomrac(c) a combat waged by unfair or deceitful means
oc(c)us name of a plant, mallow
pec(c)ad Sin, both in abstr. sense and concrete (esp. in pl.), a sin, kind of sin, sinful act
petarlaic(c) 1 the Old Covenant or Testament 2 Old Law (of Irish paganism)
pic(c) pitch, tar; As name of a plant
pic(c)ardach a Scottish Pict
poc(c) a he-goat; A male deer, a buck; a roe-buck
poc(c)án a he-goat
1 rec(c) absolutely, outright; at once, directly, forthwith;
2 rec(c) selling, barter
rec(c)ad selling
1 rec(c)aid sells, barters, exchanges
2 rec(c)aid recites (a poem to a patron); utters, declares, asserts (esp. of an emphatic or important statement)
rec(c)aigid sells
1 rec(c)aire a seller, vendor
rec(c)airecht recitation (of poems); narrating, telling
1 reic(c) the act of selling or bartering
remchrec(c) pre-emption
siterach c(a)eterach' (a kind of fern