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cíar(r)icc , cer(r))icc

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Forms: ciaricc, cearice, cericc, ciaric, ciarric, ciarric

(prob. 1 cía + ro-icc, but cf. Wb. 9b24 cited below) lit. to what does it come? GOI § 458 . In O. Ir. Glosses usually as isolated gloss on Lat. quid? quid ergo? quid igitur? as indep. interr. or in meanings what? why? etc. : ar cia ricc gl. quid enim si quidam? Wb. 2a5 . ciaricc gl. quid ergo (dicemus)? 3a11 . cearice gl. quid ergo? 3b13 . cericc praeponit gl. quid ergo? 3c18 . ciarricc .i. ní airicc ní gl. quid enim mihi de his qui foris sunt iudicare? 9b24 . ciaric (altered to cidric in MS.) gl. quid (disrumpamus)? Ml. 16d1 . ciarric gl. quid? quod non . . ., 18a9 . ciarric gl. quid? 67b21 . cerricc gl. quid igitur . . . ? Sg. 199b12 . ceric cati dechoir?, Hib. Min. 17.5 = ceist caiti? 8.264 .