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Forms: callaid, callaid

adj (Lat. loanword) clever, cunning : c.¤ ab eo [quod] est caillidus .i. glic, Corm. Y 265 = callaid, Thr. Ir. Gl. 10 . callaid a kallido , O'Mulc. 197 . c.¤ .i. glicus, Ériu xiii 81 § 290 . c.¤ .i. gairm no gliocas, O'Cl. feochra in ch.¤ (collait, v.l.) as cach ceird `the fierceness of the cunning leader surpassed all prowess', Metr. Dinds. iv 120.7 . Cf. roúaig cach ruín in ch.¤ (: sen-charraic) `he wove all the mysteries of the craft', iii 258.39 (perh. adv. dat.).