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catit , cataid

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n a Pictish-type penannular brooch Medieval Archaeology xlviii 38-44 , JCL ix 73-74 : uinge aile a cataigh cainblath a second ungae in a beautifully conditioned brooch CIH vi 2223.20 (Bretha Nemed Toísech) , JCL ix 74 . uingi .ii. .i. i cataid caoinblath .i. cutendo n̅ accepit; dealg co nduillinn inn sin, ┐ dotuit ara ceanntruime in tan doroltar a cos ara cenn a second ungae, i.e. in a beautifully conditioned brooch, i.e. from "falling, cadendum" [the latter] gets its name; that is a brooch with a leaf, and it falls because of its topheaviness when its fastener is fixed onto its head CIH iv 1473.37 , JCL ix 74 . c.¤ nō cartait .i. delg .i. bērla Cruithnech, Corm. Y 301 . Cf. cartait.