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Last Revised: 2013

x (6 ces) how, why is it? (used as a question marker, the equivalent of the manuscript compendium cs̄): cesc ciev ainm an liboirse? 'what is the name of this book?' Ériu xliii 9 (Harl. 5280) . cesc ind derbgelsid?, Mon. Tall. 134.27 . cesg cid an comharc bairdne?, Ériu xiii 43.30 . cex, Lism. L. 2487 . ceasc .i. o ni as ceas an imcomaircim in t-uathadh, Laws v 6.6 Comm . it e dono a tri a n-uathad, cesc, cuin, cid, Auraic. 3044 .