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n (cethair + aird) the four points of the compass, the four quarters; the world, universe : fó ch.¤ domuin to the four corners of the world, Trip.² 2810 . fón c.¤ in all directions, LL 32538 (TTr.). aér na cethararda of the firmament, LU 6077 (TBC). fó chetha[ra]ird Herend, LL 21208 ( fo cethair timcoll, RC xv 306 ). i cetaraird na foraisi, ZCP iv 383.30 . is ceathar-aird as chóir chum ḟodail na Temrach (representatives of) the four quarters (of Ireland) should be consulted, etc., Ériu iv 144.12 . Legal in more restricted sense: dubchrecha . . . foreccattar hi ceth[a]rardi, mani rucæ in ceth[a]rarta docom neich sainriud `the four nearest lands', Cáin Ad. 46 . a cethar-aird `on the four nearest townlands', Laws v 322.18 Comm. As adj. ceth[ar]aird gl. quadrati mondi, Tur. 138 . ansruth an imdich a crich c.¤ `to its four points', Laws iv 348.25 . See also s. cúlaird.