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1 cim

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n (-mm ?). Expld. in glossaries as silver, tribute : c.¤ (glossed .i. cís) a fresib frithbera, LU 8901 ( FB 68 ). c.¤ ( cím , Corm. p. 12 ) .i. arget ┐ don argat dobeirt[h]i i cís d'Fomorib atroille ainmniugud. C.¤ didiu ainm cach cīsa ō sin, Corm. Y 304 . cimb (cím v.l.) .i. airget [ut est] cimb uim olas n-uim [i puincerni puinc] `silver and bronze since bronze is in the point of a notched balance', O'Dav. 354 . c.¤ .i. airged, O'Curry 91 (H.3.18. 66b). da coimled duitsi doris / mar do geallsatur do ch.¤ `thy tribute', Fen. 212.12 . ? Cf. madh co se slan Día do chimbaibh cuan ngonfiach ngeirfiath (no iath MS.), Anecd. ii 74.z . See bíchim.

2 cim

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n .i. cuing, O'Curry 91 ( H 3.18, 66b ). Perh. abstracted from cimmid.