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(g s.) vn. of con-srenga in phr. aire c.¤ freeman who is head of his kin and represents them in dealings with external authorities, see Críth G. p. 70 . aire c.¤ (among divisions of bōaire), 18 . aire c.¤, cid ara n-eperr? Arindí consrenga túath ┐ rí ┐ senod tar cenn a chenéoil, 277 . aire c.¤ . . . Is e consrenga flaith ┐ eclais a rathaiges tar cend a fine, O'Curry 326 ( H 3.18, 180a ). aire coissring é anosa .i. airi com-srengait a fine é a trebaire tara cend, Cóic Con. 32 § 29 . aire c.¤, iss esidhe arareith tus tuaithi, O'Dav. 92 . Also airechas c.¤ : is coimgi do boairechas dul a nairechas c.¤ , O'Curry 1851 (23 Q 6, 51b).