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Forms: com(ḟ)at, comot, cubat, comfot

n (fot). Also com(ḟ)at, comot, cubat. equal length (of time or space): comfat eim na sceine a knife-handle's length, Laws i 132.20 Comm. da chomfot na h-amsire i parrthus isin amsir acainde, LB 230 marg. inf. secht milí ní comod suaill (cheville), BB 300a26 . con derna so in comfhad so . . . i slait mair (of the Cross), YBL 136b35 . is e comfad do dhíon a dheagh-chotun D., .i. . . . go a glun the extent to which, MR xiii 25 . lan iarraid fon comut re `in proportion to the length of time', Laws iii 310.20 Comm. re comat rudartha `during the period of prescription', i 80.32 Comm. comfad cuirp in cath-miled na thomhas, MR 260.4 . co fuair lícc a chomfat `a stone of the right length' (for grave), Dinds. 91 . Hence in concrete sense grave : comfot C. ┐ a arad, Dinds. i § 28 ( RC xv 283 ). comfot , Dinds. i § 28 = cubat, LL 3860 . coro lásat c.¤ doib tóeb fri tóeb, Airne F. 153 . cubat fom thaeb, cloch fom chinn, Fél. 90.1 . Note also: naoi lēige a chomfhat, lēige amhāin i n-a leithet length, Fl. Earls 86.14 . As quasi-adj.: ní comhfhad bhíos barr na mér are not of equal length, Studies 1924, 243 § 15 . ? slis comfat tocht troimfer, Dinds. 42 .

In adv. phr. in c.¤ sin (cétna) for so long, equally long : a fuirech in comfot cétna for an equal length of time, LU 3128 . in comat sin `a corresponding period', Coibnes 9 gl. 14 . do mhair an comhfhad céadna, TSh. 91 .

As conj. in c.¤ while; as long as; as far as: i (leg. in ?) comfhat ro bátar immi sain snigis tromshnechta, MU² 306 . in comfhat bís . . . i n-a chuilén, PH 7415 . in comfat beth i (sic leg.) cuibrech, Laws i 106.23 Comm. Note also: an comhfhat aimsire ro buī ag briathradh fri Petor, Fl. Earls 208.20 . in comad ro sia a barr `as far as its top would extend' (of a tree), Laws iii 226.11 Comm. mana ro mo guth in comfot congrur, v 190.3 Comm. See comméit, 2 cubat.


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n (2 fót): i comfod ┐ i comfhaire watching together , MU² 220 v.l. (comóit, L. comfoit, Y).