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Last Revised: 2019


Forms: comardugad, comardad

v (comard)

(a) makes even, adjusts, arranges : ro comardaigit ┐ ro choraigit na catha . . . fon cor sin, Cog. 172.26 . ro cliath-chomardaigit a craisecha comraic were arranged in the form of a hurdle(?), MR 140.10 .

(b) Legal `to adjust, balance, set off one claim against another ' (Plummer MS. notes); assigns, appoints : da fodhail comruiti comardaighter sund (sic leg.), Cóic Con. 53 § 111 . bleda comardaigtir re cornaib buaball `which are equated in value', Laws v 408.20 Comm. amail ro comairdaighedh iar cae uird na trath, no is na trathaib ina comardaighedh doib itir teirt ┐ noin (etymol. gloss on hi comardaib trath), i 104.21 , 22 Comm.

Vn. comardugad, comardad.