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vn. of con-oirg. act of striking together, etc. : cloidiob comairt, Blathm. 259 (`possibly dative of accompaniment', ed. n. But perh. o-stem). Cf. lecc Commairt Chnáma, LL 38488 . comairt ┐ brúdh ┐ brisedh, CCath. 3619 . forsan comhairt a roibhi beating (of hands in grief), RC xxi 401.31 . re cumairt a ccloidheamh, Cath MT 1327 . íar ccomoirt iar cciorbadh . . . a ccarat, Hugh Roe² 182.4 . See comortugud, comorguin. See also smirchomairt and lámchomart s.v. lám.