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Forms: coímthecht

v (*com-imb-tiag-, -tét, Pedersen Vgl. Gr. ii 644 ) accompanies : a conimtéised (recte -th-, Ed.) gl. means, Ml. 42c31 . cot-nimthæ . . . a charitás innonn `will accompany him', Wb. 12c4 . cotomimthegat lūirecha, ZCP vi 258.5 . brat berar do aés setrenil, cotnimt[h]ét demon `a demon accompanies it', Ériu ii 224.5 (see con-éitet). conamteit (cotnimtét v.l.) demmun, Mon. Tall. 155.24 . fer tairdelba ┐ con-imt[h]et (sic leg.) ┐ do com[th]et `accompanies and escorts' (of a `sellach'), Laws i 240.x . ? ni cuma conimtiagait ┐ etarscarat `the parts added and substracted are not the same', iv 78.2 . ? ni caemtheta dire di thechta na di thir, 352.8 Comm. ? cotīthut gl. comeo, ZCP xxi 281.26 (see p. 284).

Vn. coímthecht (see coimitecht).