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adna(e) Word of doubtful status and meaning. Perh. also aidne. Taken by native glossators as meaning age(d)
aimréi(d)tech contentiousness
áithcheó(d) act of refuting, contradicting, opposing
an(d)gaid 1 wicked, cruel, merciless 2 bad person
bailiu(ga)d confusion, madness; becoming mad
comaimser(d)acht synchronism, synchro- nizing, synchronization
comḟostai(gi)d restrains
confa(i)d Of dogs rabies; freq. in general sense fury, rage, ferocity; battle-fury
contrár(d)aigid opposes
crái(d)te vexed, perplexed, tormented
cronai(gi)d complains (of), rebukes, reproves; claims(?)
cuinn(d)scle Onset, attack, fight, battle
cuiti(gi)d 1 shares, partakes (of), participates (in) 2 shares with, gives a share, a part to; of recipi- ent; helps, aids, assists
cula(i)d Equipment, gear; attire, suit; furnishings; armour
1 D As a numeral = 500
dair 1An oak.2 Oak-timber, oak-wood 3The letter d .; Valentia Island; Durrow; oak-fork; oak-age; an oak-wood; an acorn; an oaken fence; acorns, oak-mast
Dairsidig D'Arcy
dimbúa(i)d 1 defeat, discomfiture, disgrace 2 lack of privilege, disability 3 drawback, misfortune, ill-luck
díspecai(gi)d despises, condemns
dreó(ga)d act of rotting away
duineba(d) Lit. `man-death', hence mortality, destruction of life (esp. caused by disease or epidemic);; Of destruction or death in general
écndaigidir, écn(d)aigid 1 Slanders, reviles, satirizes 2 Accuses, complains of 3 Laments, deplores
écn(d)athir, écn(d)aid 1 Slanders 2 Complains (of)
Égipt(d)a Egyptian
éimdid, éimid, éim(d)igid 1 Refuses, rejects 2 Fails
esorcno(u)d smit- ing
étge(d) a kind of offence (`criminality caused by sheer wantonness, with no excuse of ignorance, but not premeditated'; negligence; irresponsible acts
fidba(i)d Trees (coll.), a wood or forest; hedge of trees; woodland; wooded ridge; uprooting woods; Transf. of timber; of fir-wood; spears; `spear-forest' (armed warriors); Of masts; Of hair; Of the skeleton; Of a genealogical tree, a family; Of a person, scion
fo-dechtsa, fo-dechta, fo-decht, bu(d)-decht, bu(d)-desta Now, directly; now and hence- forth; here follows
folabra(d) talking or conversing in an undertone, whisper- ing; talking at the same time as someone else; false grumbling
forus 1that which is stable; stability; basis, foundation, bottom; at rest, unmoved; a driving home (?),; a fundamental doctrine, state- ment of a general principle; an aphorism; something firmly based; a `point d'appui,' fulcrum, base of operations (?); origin; established or fundamental principles of knowledge or science, axioms, apodictic maxims (?); Reason; unreasonable; the principle or enactments of a law, passing occas. into sense of enforcement, sanction; promulgation; aged or tried, exper- ienced; veterans 2A station, resting-place, dwelling.; a cattle-pound; place where distrained cattle might be detained (f. n-athgabála); a place appointed for the delivery of animals according to a contract; a house-holding man
ida(d) the name of the vowel i, the fifth vowel of the ogam alphabet; Also the name of some tree, yew tree?
in(d)-asaig demands, requires, calls for
in(d)-fét tells, relates, makes known, points out
in(d)mige `prosperity'
in(d)scothaid speaks, pronounces, says
in(d)scuchaid changes (intrans.); moves, removes
in(d)scuchud act of changing (rank, position); departure, movement
morgaid putrefies, rots, emits stench; defil[e]d , prophane; putrefying; putrefaction, rottenness; corruption; putrid fever
1 ord(d) 1 order, sequence 2 order, arrangement, state, way, course, procedure; good order, regular procedure; Of battle array?3 order, degree, rank; Freq. of celestial hierarchy; an order, class 4 rank, dignity, honour 5 functions, duty, task 6 rule, regulation, ordinance, institution 7 ritual, office 8 clerical ordination, holy orders; clergy 9a religious order or community
2 ord(d) A sledge-hammer
3 ord(d) thumb, great toe; thumb
4 ord(d) slaughter
ord(d)ad ordering, arranging
ord(d)aigecht dignity, nobility
ord(d)aigid(ir) Orders, ordains, institutes; Appoints (to an office); Assigns, allots; orders, commands
ord(d)aigthe Ordered, ordained, arranged
ord(d)amail orderly, regular
ord(d)an Dignity, honour, pre-eminence; raising to dignity, ordaining; nobility, aristocracy
spáin(d)ér spaniel
stipecda, stiptec(d)a styptic, re- stringent
stró(d) conceit, ostentation
tácla(d) 1 tackle, rigging of a ship 2 tress (of hair)