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(prep. de + an + echtair) adv. of place from the outside, from without, outside: ardmius for in slúag d.¤ judging the host from the outside, LL 221a21 ( TTr. 291 ). flaith congbāla co slūagaib d.¤ , ZCP xi 86 § 45 . tuilled noibscreptra d.¤ to add to holy Scripture from without, Hib. Min. 409 . Opposed to i mmedón within: ni d.¤ acht isin tsaltair immedon, 149 . fo cosmailis nacha catrach tonimcella oen mur d.¤ ┐ iltegdaisi i medon indde, 220 . As prep. with gen.: d.¤ in tshlóig sin outside that host, Alex. 472 . dianechtar chatha outside the battalion, 243 .