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n (comarc) without asking, without permission (absol. or with i n-, folld. by gen. of pers.): dicmairc .i. cin athcomarc, Corm. Y 485 . dóig 's a d.¤ a athar dodechaid in mac bec without his father's leave, TBC-LL¹ 5576 (a ndicmairc, St., a ndichmhairc, H). d.¤ a athar, TBC-I¹ 3373 . luid D. for aithed dichmaircc hUlad without asking leave of the Ulstermen, IT i 143 = can ḟis do Ultaib, ZCP v 500 . Hence unpermitted or unlawful act (esp. of using or appropriating the property of another without leave): co cléir nád char d.¤ that loved not lawlessness, Fél. Aug. 16 . diam d.¤ (.i. can fiarfaighidh d'fir bunaidh, p. 172), Laws i 166 . ma d.¤ , iv 156 . asrenar aithguin cach d.¤ (.i. cach errach berar o neoch cen athcomarc), ii 352 . na maith nach d.¤ , v 466 . cen acht fo mám aurlatad, | cen d.¤ co bás, Ériu iii 106 . cen nach nd.¤ , 96 . rodilga Dia don fraic | ina nderna do d.¤ , Anecd. ii 31 , cf. Moling § 26 . nech rofindadar ní do goí no d.¤ fadesin who is conscious of any falsehood or unlawful gains, Ériu vii 158 § 19 . nech imberoibra d.¤ praindi . . . ara brathair who filches some of his brother's pittance, 148 . omun d.¤ fear of doing anything outside the rule, LB 260b83 . As attrib.: fuatach d.¤ abduction without consent, Laws iii 540 . bleith d.¤ `grinding without permission', v 474 , cf. iii 234.19 . dufuetar an obul dichmair (leg. -mairc) the forbidden apple, Ériu vii 164 . rī rocēs croich coirtar doine ndicmairc, Death-tales of the Ulster heroes 12 (but cf. doine digmaig, ib. 10). an trú | dár dhíochmharc uatha an t-onchú `to whom the leopard-like prince was as spoils to be seized', Ó Bruad. iii 50 . diochmairc .i. goid, O'Cl. díochmhairc goid, Metr. Gl. 24 . As m. Cóir Anm. 286 . Coirpre Dichmaircc, Rawl. 119a10 . mac Dichmairc , BB 142a22 . Lec. 230b48 .