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Forms: díḟoiche, difoiched

n i. Also díḟoiche. Legal term used of damage due to accident or natural causes, esp. in phrase d.¤visitation of God , vis maior (cf. foiche): difoiched visitation . . . in tine saignén difoiched Dé, O'Don. Suppl. d.¤ .i. cin foichidh n-accrai, O'Curry 101 , 1406 ( H 3.18 69a , 635a). In Laws occurs once in text: bla iasachta difoicheda exemption as regards a loan destroyed [by accident] (glossed .i. slan don tí beirius in t-iasacht da tic a difoiched exemption to him who receives the loan, if some sudden visitation overtake him), Laws iii 276 . Esp. in phr. d.¤(by the) visitation of God: galar bunaidh no difoiche De, ii 2.14 Comm. da mbera galur a crodh féin uile no difoiche De (of a cow), iii 368.12 Comm. cid galur cundtaburtach . . . cidh difoichidh Dé, ii 162 Comm. difoichid De da tarachtain, iii 276. 10 . issedh is galar bunaid doib a ngalar bunaid aicinta fein ┐ issedh is difoichid De a ndifoiched aicinta bodein, O'Curry 529 ( H 3.18 264a ). difoiche anfisa `sudden disease without knowledge', Laws v 280.4 Comm. masa difoiche De rucustar hé, ZCP xvi 215 .