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Last Revised: 2019


Forms: dííng

adj (intens. dí- + ing) very hard, difficult: is diing cleith in maith (gl. facta bona abscondi non possunt), Wb. 29a31 . massu diing a nrogādamar if what we have prayed for be exceedingly difficult, 15c22 . d.¤ cóic bai do bethugud and five cows can hardly be fed there, Trip. 198 . ding .i. decmaic, O'Mulc. 331 . airnin arding . . . ding fil and is teirce feuda fodera `the difficulty which is there is caused by a scantiness of letter', Auraic. 3661 . As attrib.: fa deilm ding hard to bear, excessive (?), Lec. 583b23 . Adv. tuargaib [in Findbennach] a chend go dííng raised his head with violence, butted (cf. other sense of hard?), TBC-LL¹ 6128 ; 6193 . As subst. cethair dingi (dinge, v.l.) inda pecthach .i. ding dōib nād fācbat a tola ... 'four hardships of the sinners', Celtica viii 72.127 . See díic.