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n (attrib. g s. of díl? See TD ii 278 ) in phr. ech d.¤ steed, war-horse, saddle-horse (the old name for a saddle-horse is ech sliasta, Laws iv 322.8 ): .xx. falafraidh ┐ in oiret sin d'echaib dila , Fier. 111 (RC xix). céad ech díola . . . gona srianuibh órdhaithe, Ériu i 24 . deich n-eich d.¤ `saddle horses', ALC ii 354 . cach ard díola as díorgha léimios bearn, TD 35.15 . stéada díola, Hackett xxxix 110 , 209 . an t-each díola nach díol damh | 's an t-each iomchair gan iomchar (sic leg.), Tribes of Irel. 48 .


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Forms: fo-dī-la, fuidel

v remains, remains over (?): is leth-log einech in cheili fodila don rath, Laws ii 336y (of a lord who takes away stock from one tenant to give it to another) he must leave with the original tenant half that tenant's honour-price (see Thurn. ZCP xiv 392 who analyses the vb. as fo-dī-la, vn. fuidel ` remainder '). athgabail fir lethcuind cia fodila la airecht, Laws i 200x (cia f.¤ seems glossed by .i. co festar iaram cia dib fora mbia a cin) `who is to pay' Laws i 202.11 .


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Forms: díolaim, 'modílfat

v (` ? <imm-dí-láaim, delivers. Cf. O'R. díolaim I release ,' Strachan, VSR): fut. s. 1 manistarlaice ... | meicc Israhel ... | fóidfet mor ndigal dishain | 'modílfat uad ar écin, SR 3836.