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v see do-tá.


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n ā,[f.] (: tríchat, Acall. 152 ) repast, collation . By Laws glossator and O'Dav. distinguished from 2 feis, the latter being a meal taken at evening with liquor, the former one by day without liquor; probably a slight or irregular meal in interval between substantial ones; equated however with séire (a full meal), ZCP vi 259.3 , 10 . Also in conjunction with 2 feis, with which it apparently forms a compd., though not printed so by editors. Included under the term feis according to O'Dav. 854 : feis .i. i n-aidhchi .i. co linn; dithet .i. il-lō cidh co linn cid cen linn . . . ar ni fil feis cen dithit (dithat, v.l.). ní bí feis cin dithat .i. cen fuighell, O'Curry 1426 ( H 3.18 640 ). feis, fuiririud, dithit (.i. cid cu lind cid cen lind. .i. il-lau), Laws iii 20 . fri dithuit bidh lae, ii 30 Comm. Fer uaine corn do bhí ac Finn . . . dá mbeth ac ól, nír bho díthat, | do bhiadh [ann, O'Gr.] ól tríchat fer 'twas no mere appetizer (?), Acall. 152 . co tormalt feiss ┐ dithait, TBC-LL¹ 637 (ro-loing fes et d.¤ an laoi, Stowe). ba si an ingen dobert an diched (dithait, v.l.) do Cond. i. dam-asna ┐ torc-asnai, ZCP iii 460 ( MS. Mat. 619 ). isim scithech i n-aoine . . . araiuhe (= ar aí bheith) cin dithit without bite or sup, O'Gr. Cat. 117 . praind cēit cacha hithe ┐ cacha hōla ┐ cach longthi ┐ cacha díthata, MacCongl. 75 . na secht tomaltais ┐ na nói ndíthata snacks (?), ib. dligmit feis d.¤ na haidhchi so di, Acall. 18 = SG 94 . gur domhuil feis diothad an laoi sin, ZCP x 284 .