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Last Revised: 2013

Forms: dant

n A literary word borrowed from W. dant (see also LEIA D-24 ). g p. dant .

I A tooth : cia delb hi fil Lucifer, gl. delb pésti dianad ainm Prothimeon .i. cét cenn fuirri ┐ cét dant cach cinn, ZCP iv 235 st 10 ( Eg. 1782 ). One of the upper teeth (?): a se ele i nd(o)ant (.i. ina do teinnit ł ina dathant) daimtir 'six more are granted for the dant (upper lateral incisors?)' Bretha 44 § 34 .

II A mouth : dant .i. bél ut est a sé aile madant-daimther , O'Dav. 678 (six others if it be a tooth that is given, Stokes); but the passage is not clear.

III A bit, morsel, piece : dant .i. mír nó greim, O'Cl. Lhuyd. dant a bit, morsel, or mouthful P. O'C. O'R. Macd. (all from O'Cl.). Due to a wrong inference from the compound dant-mír. Obs.—Cf. daintech, dantmír.


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Forms: Daint

o, npr. m. Abbot of Emly in the County of Tipperary (†A.D. 660). gen. Daint: Conainn nepos Daint abb Imlecho Ibair [defunctus est], AU i 116. 9 . Conaing ua Daint décc, AFM i 270. 5 .