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Forms: dergnaide

n f. (derg ?) flea: d.¤ .i. derga iat nō derg a ned nō a dēd, Corm. Y 452 . lan duirn do deargnadaib, Laws v 276.5 Comm. d'iarruigh dearnaide (sic), 1 Sam. xxvi 20 . pl. dergnaide, O'Gr. Cat. 228.4 . nirbat d.¤ chormthighi (i.e. a nuisance in good company ?), LL 124 marg. sup. ni bat d.¤ colla coirme hi tig rurech, LU 3470 ( SCC 25 ). dlighidh gach flaith urerge . . . ní dlighidh in flaith acht fo thri roimhi aurergi isin aen láithi . . . rob écóir don ri deargnait airechta do deunum don céile the prince is entitled to [have the vassal] rise before him only three times in one day . . . it would be wrong for the chief to make an assembly-flea of the vassal (by causing him to jump up constantly), O'D. 514 ( H 3.17 418 ) (from which it seems likely that the expression d.¤ airechta, coirmthige, etc., came to be applied to a restless, obsequious, or forward person).