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Forms: dinion, dine, dini, disoil

n in phrase d.¤ dísail (also spelt dínín , dinion, dine, dini; disoil). In Auraic. short quantity in a vowel or method of indicating the same by accent, the sign for which is Ogham d: dine .i. dinin .i. ní nin .i. ni fid acht is forbaid it is not an Ogham vowel but an accent, Auraic. 1575 . amal dobeir in laitneoir acuít forsna sillabaib, ut est pax . . . sic dobeir in Gaedel dine . . . dishoil ar na cuimrib ut est fer, 1555 . dinin disoil ut est fer ┐ cor ┐ ler ┐ tor ┐ cach timarta archena, 1549 . dinin disail bíít amal roghabh fuil arrad feola, 1821 . dinin disail for gair gabhaidh d. d. takes effect on a short (vowel), 1546 . dinin disail a forbaid .i. aiccent lasin Laitneoir, 4767 . scribthar duir ar dine disoil, 1571 . taebomna gabus greim coic fed ┐ se taebomna .i. duir a n-inad dine (leg. dinin) disoil a consonant that has the force of five vowels and six consonants, i.e. `d' instead of d.d., 1402 .