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Forms: duerchomraici, duerchomrac[at], duárchomraicset, terchomrac, terchomraicthe

v (*to-ar-com-ro-icc-, perh. a denom. from comrac, Pedersen Vgl. Gr. ii 557 ) heaps together, amasses, assembles: duerchomraici gl. adgregat, Ml. 110d1 . duerchomrac[at] gl. adglomerant, Ml. 88c5 . cia duerchomraictis doib in cloini (refers to congregaverunt iniquitatem sibi), 61b16 . duárchomraicset, 17 . do-aurchomraicthea fir hÉrend ar a cenn were assembled to meet them, ZCP viii 312 . Vn. terchomrac, Part. terchomraicthe. Cf. do-comraicci.