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Forms: tuarascbat, tuarascbait, rotuarascaib, rotuarascfat, túarascbáil

v (see Pedersen Vgl. Gr. ii 528 ) discloses, reveals, describes, makes known, characterizes. Indic. pres. 3 s. imbass forosnae .i. d.¤ sec[h]ip rēt bas maith lasin filid ┐ bes adlaic dó d' foillsiugad, Corm. Y 756 . cach deidbli fil i mbērlae is -ān no -ēne dofuarusccuib characterizes, 1301 . d.¤ a soas, Laws i 42.36 Comm. is de dofuarasgaib in flaith, O'Dav. 822 . 3 pl. nís tuarascbat feisin cen gutai they do not express themselves without vowels gl. consonantes sine vocalibus immobiles sunt, Sg. 7a11 . trí tuarascbait cach ngenmnaide three things that characterize every chaste person, Triads 187 . Cf. also 189 , 190 . Pret. and perf. 3 s. rotuarascaib ind echlach disi et roinnis scéla . . . dó-som, TFerbe 515 . ? ised a cenel-sin dofhorgascaib in indsi-sea diar ceneol-ni (of the Síl Nemid), Lec. 350a25 . ? Pass. co rotuarascfat adi i mBuirind Connacht, ACL iii 326.6 .

Vn. túarascbáil. IGT Vbs. § 100 .