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Forms: d., toderasa, dosroisecht-sa, domroisechtatar, toischid

v (* to-oss-saig-, Pedersen Vgl. Gr. ii 608 , cf. GOI p. 53 ) supports, nourishes, keeps, preserves. Indic. pres. 3 s. d.¤ escra Druim Lethan daglaith the goblet . . . preserves good ale (?), Anecd. i 14.9 . Rel. criss ān aurlasair (i.e. the Torrid Zone) d.¤ iltorad talman which nourishes the varied fruits of the earth, Ériu ii 110 § 30 . Perh. also: hūasal trínóit donfosca, Hy. vi 5 (perh. to be referred to do-fíuschi). ? Subj. pres. 3 s. (with -ro-) ni ḟodhmad broinn ainfen[e] acht aes toderasa `save people who can retain it (?)', Ériu xii 20 § 25 (see p. 62). Perf. 1 s. dosroisecht-sa co lléir im bossán I put it up diligently in my pouch, TBFr. 331 . 3 pl. céin ropridchos doib it macidónii domroisechtatar who supported me, Wb. 17c1 .

Vn. toischid.

This verb and do-coisig are later replaced by 1 taiscid (vn. 2 taiscid), taiscigid, and taisigid, q.v.