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Forms: donfoscaig, dufoscaiget, dufoscaiget, trisatoscigther, tafaisig, doforscaig, condatoscaigther, toscugud

v (*to-uss-scuch-) moves, comes to, withdraws. Indic. pres. 3 s. donfoscaig (doubtful ex., gl. donfoscai, see under do-foscai), Thes. ii 351.19 . ata im arrad tipra thonnglan . . . co t[a]oscig dam frim thoscid cen nach ndigna flows (?), ZCP xi 156 § 121 . 3 pl. dufoscaiget gl. cedunt, Ml. 90c26 . amal is donaib retaib dufoscaiget gl. rebus ex voto cædentibus (= cedentibus), 33b3 . Pass. na tri chemmen cinges in fer graith fora cúlu . . . ised tri . . . trisatoscigther do chorp Crist `by which he is moved to Christ's body', Thes. ii 253.12 ( Stowe M. 65a ). Pret. and perf. 3 s. tafaisig (.i. doérig) . . . co hairm imboí a máthair withdrew (doubtful ex.), Comp. CC 50.17 . doforscaig gl. cessise, Ml. 37d12 . a ndofoscaigset a dochum when they had come to him, RC x 80.16 . Pass. subj. pres. condatoscaigther gl. commovere, Ml. 23d21 .

Vn. toscugud. See do-scuich.