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Forms: do-ran, di-ren, doria, dorirtar, dirith, do-comrad, díre, dirithe

v (* dí-ren-, Pedersen Vgl. Gr. ii 596 ). In Laws also do-ran, di-ren. Subj. pres. 3 s. doria, O'Dav. 732 . Pass. fut. s. dorirtar, Laws iv 20.6 (cited as do-rirt[h]er, GOI § 653 ). Pret. and perf. dirith .i. ascomrad, O'Dav. 634 . do-comrad, ZCP xv 348 § 38 . Vn. díre.

Pays, esp. an honour-price or a fine (see Críth G. p. 84 ); common in Laws text, where it is often glossed by eirnid (as-ren): dochomren cin . . . .i. cidhpe tír imbe is as dorenur a cin, O'Curry 2004 - 5 ( H 4.22 31 ). it boṡlabra[e] direnatar dó which are paid to him as honour-price, Críth G. 120 . as e doron co fiacaib taige who pays with the fines for stealing, Laws iv 32.18 , cf. 270.11 . is tu doren a fiachu, v 142.3 .i. . . . conu tu icas a fiacha, 15 Comm. direnar landire, iv 200.2 . doranar dire rig, 50.24 . secht claid . . . na direnaiter cinaid seven ditches the injuries caused by which are not paid for, 220.6 `whose liabilities are not atoned for', Ériu xvii 71 . dirithe cach dia flaith dia eclais do neoch adregar doib let every one pay to his prince (part. of necess., leg. d.¤ do cach?), Laws iii 26.4 . in nech dosgní, doreanaiter al-lóigi, IT iii 23.33 . tri mairb direnaiter beoaib three dead things which are paid for with living things, Triads 158 . With pers. as obj.: fer gonair a ucht (sic leg.) sluaig . . . direnar in fer uadaib uile is paid for (compensated?), Laws iv 178.20 . do briugad direnar cetaib `the brewy who is paid díre for his hundreds', i 40.17 . direnar bé luirge lándire `a distaff-woman is paid full compensation fine', O'Gr. Cat. 145.19 . int ochtmad bard . . . a ngradhaibh a thuistige dorenar, IT iii 5.10 . ní direnar nach deaith no idler is paid, 24.3 . Note also: vii. cleithiu o ndirenar cach boairi `from which each b. is rated', Laws iv 308.21 . dosrensat Patraic fri Miliuc, Trip.² 199 v.l. (ró rensat, text, see renaid).