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2 -dan-, -don-

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infixed pron. 1 pl., GOI §§ 412-415, 417f. , Sommer ZCP i 186f.

(a) Class B: fordoncain gl. erudiens nos 'it teaches us', Wb. 31c16 . frinn fanisin cotondelcfam gl. conparantes nosmet ipsos nobís 'with ourselves we will compare ourselves', Wb. 17b10 . cotanrirastarni gl. obligemur 'we shall be bound', Ml. 134a1 . cía atangládar who addresses us? Ériu i 46. 23 . aes cerdda atancomnaic we are poets Mór M. 266.12 . See II (a) (b).

(b) Class C: is hé nodonnertani 'it is He that strengthens us', Wb. 6d11 . amal asndonberat 'as they say of us', Wb. 2a12 . isindí rondannícaisni 'in that Thou hast saved us', Ml. 89a6 .


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x see .


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Forms: D. m. D.¤ mac Echdach in súi, LL 313b38 .

1 don

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n Occurs only as as., gs., and ds. (cf. however Laws iv 188.21 Comm. cited below). Orig. same word as . See GOI 212 . Place, ground, earth: o dun .i. terra; ó dun .i. o thalmain, O'Mulc. 320 . arathar fri d.¤, gortt for d.¤ , ib. foichli ōcu allad.¤ (= ala-d.¤) of another place ('of a foreign land'), Misc. Hib. 28 ( Anecd. i 13.7 ). na fer mol | frisin marb dochuaid do d.¤ who has gone to the earth (i.e. died?), LL 275a9 ( Mór M. § 6 ). rōinfid (regaid, v.l.) fuil fene fo d.¤ | la sluag inna nduinechon, TBC-I¹ 2079 . la taisecc in gill inn-a d.¤ in cétna to the (lit. its) same place, Laws v 422.8 cited GOI 298 . Cf. also: atbath Lon | do Cill Garudh, rogab d.¤ he has found a grave (?), BCC § 221 .

In secondary sense place, room, stead: gabit d.¤ magistir they take the place of a teacher, Ml. 38a8 . assolcus d.¤ do chētnad Cr[íst] I have opened a place to an inaugural song of C., IT iii 51 § 95 . do-léici d.¤ yields, gl. cedere, Ml. 35c1 , 111b23 , 131b2 , Tur. 99 (see do-léci). dosfar[r]aid d.¤ `it has gained ground', Auraic. 547 = donfarraid duin, 3182 . is ed on is d.¤ do maigin ind isil `this also applies to the field of the humble person', Laws iv 188.21 Comm.

In phrase de d.¤ , for d.¤ , i nd.¤ in place of, in lieu of: nā teiged in rī fodeisin isin cath, acht a thuaircnid flatha dia d.¤ , Rawl. 142a28 . aithgen tslan for dón (leg. don?) inech brister don aithgin full restoration in lieu of what is broken, Laws ii 68.15 Comm. coemchlodh abbad i nArdd Machae .i. Dermait i nd.¤ Forindan, AU 838 (cf. i n-inad, 834 ). in dā ainm . . . i ndun aen-anma instead of one name, Corm. Y 863 = ar son en anma, LB (hence O'Cl. d.¤ .i. ar son). cia beith ind.¤ cech mairb maill | rabrog a ainm in ṅgarbchaill though he be in the place (i.e. state?) of the dead that move not, LL 199b17 (Dinds. of Crechmael) = inon, BB 393b15 . dia faigdi 'mo oen deirc i nd.¤ circe Boirche in compensation for, RC xv 462 ( Dinds. 64 ). Goill do beith . . . agá haitreabhadh inon na mac mbethadh, AFM vi 2250.16 . gille athoighed chuca ind.¤ echlaighi in the capacity of a horse-boy, Hugh Roe 20.3 . bása inón bíasta n-oll, LU 2999 .

2 don

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n misfortune, evil: is marb Lon . . . do Chill Garad mor in d.¤ , Fél. 198 (Sept. 3) . G. ro gabh d.¤ `was unfortunate', Mart. Don. 234.9 . issed nombéra do d.¤ | irchor Ferchis for Mac Con `this is what shall consign me to misery', SG 318.23 ( LL 292a23 ). bid dith is d.¤ da rigaib, Fen. 246.11 . rothairrngir d.¤ (donus, v.l.) dia saerthachaib do neoch nā bīathfad rīg Connacht, ZCP xiii 25.25 . cethri bliadna déc cen d.¤ | sin ráith chloen do Chonchobor, LL 130a25 . ? garb d.¤ fobera nglē, Festschr. Stokes 5.9 . ort do dh.¤ ┐ do dhuabhais, a Thomáis (an imprecation), PCT 543 . ort do dhon ┐ do ghuais, Feis Tighe Chonáin p. 63 . ` mischief, evil', O'Br. `mischief, misfortune ', P. O'C. d.¤ tfiafraighthe orat, ib. See IGT Decl. § 96 (130.17) .

3 don

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n ( dón ? Lat. donum) gift: d.¤ tidnocul, Auraic. 2733 . d.¤ .i. tindlocad, Lec. Gl. 178 . See dán.