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abcóit(e) advocate
2 aclaid(e) acolyte
acra(e) Act of suing, prosecuting, bringing an action, urging a claim; action, suit, process
ada(e) 1 due, fitting, suitable 2 Of the pre- rogatives and perquisites of a king (as opposed to airgart); appurtenances, accoutrements etc.
adna(e) Word of doubtful status and meaning. Perh. also aidne. Taken by native glossators as meaning age(d)
ágda(e) warlike, contentious
aicill(n)e base clientship
airḟócra(e) 1act of proclaiming, giving notice; proclamation, notice, warning 2act of proclaiming, proscribing
aithscél(e) repetition; tales
alla(e) yonder
al(l)e from here
ámaill(e) 1 playing, sporting 2 trickery, deceit 3Of the fingers 4In general sense of behaviour, action(s), etc.
anbruith(e) broth
anmothaig[thig]e insensibility
armáir(e) reproof, reproach
armtha(e) armed; armed, accoutred
arsata(e) 1 Old, ancient
1 assa(e) shoe, sandal, slipper
2 assa(e) easy, light; considers easy; after (the time when it was) easy (feasible); too late
baillén(e) small drinking vessel
balsam(m), balsaim(e) balsam; unguent, balm
beinnin(e) little point, peak
belc(h)e name of plant or fungus
bé(o)laid(e) fat, greasy; juicy; plump, well-covered
buic(n)e expld. as fool, halfwit
cairín(e) haunch, shank
caittín(e) kitten
céillid(e), cíallaid(e) 1relating to sense or meaning 2 sensible, intelligent, reasonable; wise-formed
ceirnín(e) dish, plate
cennairc(e) strife, contention
cléibén(e) small basket; a basket-work bird-trap(?); cradle
cloichén(e) small stone
coin(n)lín(e) stalk, stubble
combrúit(h)e crushed together, shattered
comd(e)itiu act of acknowledging (fully ?), acknow- ledgement:
comnáma(e) fellow- fighter
cos(s)e thus far, hitherto
dénta(e) 1 made (by an artificer), skilfully fashioned, elaborate; cultivated; Of living beings, broken in, trained, inured (to service, war, etc.); veterans
derbda(e) certain, fixed
derbín(e) small pail
díchéillid(e) bereft of sense; foolish
dígna(e) reproach, contempt; evil-looking, grim (?)
1 dílachta(e) faultlessness, sincerity
dílechtaid(e) orphaned. As subst. orphan
diúc, diú(i)c(e) 1 leader; governor 2 duke
doaisnéis(e), doḟaisnéis(e) that cannot be told, in- describable; unspeakable
dogra(e) lamentation, wailing; sorrow, dejection; sorrow-causing
dóit(h)e burnt, singed
dremna(e) Fury, raging, madness
dúthcha(e) 1 natural right, due, privilege
4 é a salmon
5 é 1 woe
6 é a person
1 ecna(e) 1 Wisdom, knowledge, enlightenment; Divine wisdom; human learning; acquired knowledge; intelligence, skill; an erudite work (?); understand- ing, intelligence>skill
2 ecna(e) manifest, clear, visible
écsamla(e) dissimilarity
edad the name of the fourth vowel of the ogam alphabet, e; aspen; yew (?)
é(i)lnithid corrupter, violator
é(i)mechas opportuneness, convenience; opportunely, in a favourable season
e(i)srechtaid one outside the law
éis(s)e , éis(s)i part of the harness of a chariot- horse, reins
1 ela swan; An ogam symbol for the letter e
eréne, éirín(e) chicken; chick, pullet
esba(e) uselessness, vanity, folly; idleness, play, wantonness; acts performed without serious intention, in the course of play, sport, heedless trifling; Of an idle person; one at play; useless, invalid; idle, unoccupied
ésca(e), éisce the moon
es(s)artha, e(s)arda strewn, littered
febra(e) February
1 femenda(e) fine, splendid
féthamla(e), féthemlae quietness, calmness; firmness, modesty, calmness
fócra(e), fúacra 1 proclaiming, announcing, making known, giving notice; Of denouncing a fault, etc. 2esp. announcing, proclaiming (a ruler) 3a notice, announcement, summons, ordinance; In Laws: a warning (of legal action), summons; an illegal challenge 4 summoning, suing (?) 5 denouncing 6 giving notice of battle, declaring war, challenging 7 proscription, banishment, outlawry; banished. outlawed; an outlaw; submitted
fothla(e) withdrawing, deducting, abduct- ing (?)
frecra(e) 1the act of answering or responding; an answer; answers 2 answering to, corresponding to; a counterpart, equi- valent 3 answering to = referring to 4 answering for, accounting for, taking responsibility for 5 answering (a challenge, attack); repelling, retaliat- ing 6 responding to = complying with, obeying, satisfying; Assisting, second- ing 7 responding to, i.e. undertaking, fulfilling, discharging (a duty, obligation, etc.); to exercise, practise (?)
fundam(e)int foundation, basis
.i. that is to say, namely; e.g.
immirge, immirc(h)e 1 moving about, wandering, migrating, trekking, shifting (position) 2a moving body of men, a migrat- ing tribe or household, a band of emigrants, a wandering troop; Of moveable property, what is carried on an expedition or trekking, a drove, herd, flock; chattels; Of a single cow; Of prey in general, gold, jewels, etc.; Of birds
imruba(e) mutual wounding or killing
inathdomant(a)e indomitable, unsubdued
inchlide, inchl(e)ithe concealed, secret, hidden; a hidden thing, a secret, a mystery
inḟreccr(a)e correspondence, harmony
Laitind(a)e Latin, pertaining to Latin
1 luga(e) lack of drink, thirst
luingín(e) small boat, skiff
lúthgáir(e) joy, exultation
maic(c)e boyhood, childhood
mallachta(e) Accursed
1 mes(s)e submitted to investigation and deliberation, brought under judgement
2 mes(s)e (?) boiled, cooked; ram or wether
metuir(e) a duct or channel?
midba(e) lit. middle cut; an average
mistéir(e) a mystery
morgaid putrefies, rots, emits stench; defil[e]d, prophane; putrefying; putrefaction, rottenness; corruption; putrid fever
muim(m)e A nurse, fostermother; In wider sense of an instructress, patroness, etc.
náma(e) An enemy, foe, both of personal and public enemies
nemda(e) belonging to heaven, heavenly; sky or heaven
nochta(e) nakedness (want of clothing)
obla(e) 1the consecrated wafer or Host 2a small loaf or portion of bread
óclachda(e) 1 youthful 2 manly, valiant
óg(a)e 1 wholeness, entirety, integrity; completeness, perfection 2 celibacy, the unmarried state; in relig. lit. chastity
ógda(e) 1 entire, complete 2 pure, chaste, virginal
oig(h)e a file or rasp
órda(e) 1made of (plated, adorned with) gold 2 golden, resembling gold
persanda(e) pertaining to a person; personal: (in gram. sense)
pla(e) a level piece of ground, a sward
praip(p)e rapidity, suddenness
prímda(e) foremost, principal, pre-eminent
rand(a)e partial; pertaining to a part
remscríbth(a)e afore-written, mentioned above
ríagolda(e) according to rule, regular
ríastartha(e) distorted, contorted
1 rígda(e), rída pertaining to king or state; Regal, royal; kingly, majestic, noble
2 rígda(e) a royal dwelling, palace
1 ruba(e) the act of wounding or killing
sanais(e) some plant from which armed warriors could be formed by magic
scaiblín(e) pot-meat, pottage
scoláir(e) scholar, pupil in a school, student
secretair(e) a secretary
selba(e) possession, ownership; property
slaitín(e) a little twig, a small rod
slegín(e) a little javelin
smennta, smentain(e) spinal cord
snaidt(h)e , snoigt(h)e cut, hewn, carved; polished, sharp
sringc(n)e navel-string, umbilical cord
stair(s)e starch
stéill(e) star; Epiphany, Little Christmas, Twelfth Night
súarca(e) cheerfulness, pleasantness
subáilc(h)e 1 virtue (in moral sense) 2 virtue, power, efficacy, property 3 joy, pleasure, happiness; honour, kindness
1 tim(m)e heat
2 tim(m)e fear; fearless, unyielding
3 tim(m)e act of curtailing
tortín(e) loaf; cake
trascairt(h)e overthrown, reversed
trusca(e) Name of a disease; smallpox; Of the slough of a serpent
túar(a)e food, sustenance
tubaist(e) accident, mishap, misfortune, disaster
tuismig(th)e pl. (of *tuismigid ?) parents
umla(e), uimle 1 causes, obliges