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n the name of the fourth vowel of the ogam alphabet, e . Also said to mean the aspen (cf. ébad) : edhadh .i. ed uath .i. crand fir no crithach, Auraic. 1195 = edath, 4298 . ergnaid fid .i. is don crunn crithaig is ainm ergnaid fid, 5589 , cf. e, ærc[n]aid fer nó fid .i. idhadh, Anecd. iii 43.25 . ærchaid fid edath yew (?) Corm. Y 606 . edad .i. eu, Auraic. 5522 . ba die edath no bith in flesc, Corm. Y 606 .

Apparently confused with idad, the name of the fifth vowel, in: ibine...arroichled iarom edhad as, co nderna ibne de, Corm. Y 1301 . But perhaps ibēne is meant here.