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v i (from prototonic st. of in-loing, q.v.) joins, adds to, puts on or into: ellgid sē saīdhecht do neoch .i. do-faircenn imat toicthi, Anecd. v 26 n. 7 . coro ellghiostair a longphort i ngarfhocus dona mennattaibh `entrenched' Hugh Roe 286.19 (f. 75b) . in airit eillgiter a nūs ina sinib is kept Laws iii 228.9 Comm. in feoil eillgithur isin coire `which is put into' ii 30.15 Comm. deidi ar a n-eillgiter cor amuil aire for ech (gl. on : da [e]achlaid cor) on whom contracts are laid iv 58.23 . ro heillged aice comhuaim retha esci im rith ngréne (gl. on : ellacht) ACC 61 Comm. Of putting in a claim : eillgit a mic...inní, Laws iv 38 y Comm. (gl. on : inlongad). inlolaid .i. ro eillgestur, 16.25 = inlolaigh .i. roheillged , O'Dav. 1130 .