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Last Revised: 2019


v asks, begs: 3 s. pres. ind. con[n]á heisedar, Críth G. 176 . 2 pl. imp. essidh leabar ask for a book Lism. L. 4143 . pret. eissistir (.i. iarfaigis) ben Mongan do Mongán ara n-indissed di, etc. besought M. to tell her LU 134b10 = Imr. Brain 56.7 . esestair in n-í Brigti do thecht, Bethu Brigte 3 § 11 . eiseastair .i. do ghuidh se, O'Cl. ? ni mise, didiu, eisedar; is cert (MS. nimise dī eīse. is cert) 'it is not I who ask; it is the right' Ériu xxx 66 . Cf. 1 eis, and eised.