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1 emon

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Forms: emuin, emo, emun, emain, emun, emo, emuin, emnu, eamhna, Emhna, emo, emain

n o, m., emuin ī, f. (?) (See Ériu v 160 ) n s. emo, Corm. Y 503 . emun, BB 368a35 . emain, Anecd. v 18.1 . a s. emun, LL 126a16 . d s. emo, Metr. Dinds. iv 310.9 . n p. emuin, ZCP ii 134 y . a p. emnu, Rawl. 155b37 . In Cóir Anm. 104 the second element of (trí) Finn-eamhna is apparently taken as n p. of this word, but: mac na trí Find nEmna, Rawl. 21a35 . mac na tri Find Emna [where Emna: derba] LL 125 b7 . lasna tri Finnaib Emna, Rawl. 137 b41 . Dá Thí Themhra ┐ Bé Bhionn | cré na ttrí bhFionn Emhna ann, 23 L 17, 8b indicate that the reading should be Finn Emhna of Emain.

(a) a pair (or triplet) born at one birth: emon ab ema [αἷμα]uno. emon didiu unius sanguinis...vel emon ema graece iuga manum, ar is dis doib i cuingg, Corm. Y 574 . emon iarom é-áen .i. ni oen acht is da lelab geiniter and 503 . gid dias no triur berar i n-aenfecht is eamain adberar friu, BB 254b40 . emun dno Conall...┐ Maer BB 368a35 = emo, Dinds. 32 . combert emun .i. mac ┐ ingen, LL 126a16 . BB 134a26b . conidh on Macha sin ┐ don eamon rosfuc ata Magh Macha ┐ Eamain Macha, Metr. Dinds. iv 310.9 ; 128.79 . (nach mil con-beir deiche) .i. diablad buair no emain `double offspring of kine, or twins Laws i 146.14 (possibly n p. here).

(b) a twin, one of two or three born together: ingen d'Oengus in Máer mall, | ba hemain cáem fri Conall she was Conall's twin Metr. Dinds. iii 136.26 . hit emuin in da mac-sa ┐ it hemuin in di ingin, ZCP ii 134 y . beired Fainche emnu .i. tri fer-meic , Rawl. 155b37 . co tug F. a leath-eaman do mnai Gabrain one of her twins BB 134a27b = Miscell. Celt. Soc. 58 . inemnitb (= i n-emnib ?), gl. in geminis Enchir. Aug. xx , ZCP vii 481.37 .

(c) in general a pair (of persons or things connected with each other): emon dono non unus sed duo .i. ni hoen-ni acht da ní, Corm. Y 503 . eamhain .i. dá ní, O'Cl. eamain cach raed cengailti, Dinds. 140 . Anecd. v 18.1 .

2 emon , emain

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Forms: emna

n f. (possibly identical with 1 emon ) a species of verse, apparently a stanza with couplets similar in structure: emon airchitel ar it cosmaili a da lethcomarc unde anamain [= anemuin, Corm.] dicitur .i. ni emon acht is ceatharreig, O'Mulc. 391 = Corm. Y 574 . ech cach emhain ina chain-chennas coir, 'for every emain (the due payment is) a steed in its fair proper bridle' O'Dav. § 531 , ZCP xx 483 . ind anamain mór...cethri re inti-sside .i. nath ┐ anair, laíd ┐ emain, IT iii 59 § 114 . Cf. 60 § 118 . 96 § 152 . Auraic. 1578 . 3673 . is i so in eamhain, IT iii 97 § 156 . n p. emna, 59 § 112 . in cethramad [rand] emun imrind `e. i.' is the fourth (species of) stanza 64.11 . is í seo ind emain imrind (of a stanza 72+73in which the separate couplets have deibide rime i.e. rinn and airdrinn, while a-c, b-d also rime) 68 § 8 . impud na hemna (i.e. reversing the order of the lines in the above stanza to 73+72) 68 § 9 . eamain imceand imrind (a rearrangement of deibide imrind mór) 69 § 11 . See also ZCP xvii 270.12 .

The emain belonged to the syllabus of the cano or fourth-year student ( IT iii 36 ), and the reward for it was two cows, or a steed of equal worth: da ba ar emain, Laws v 58.9 Comm. , 62.23 Comm .