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Forms: rohescart[h]ar, rohescarthar, roescrad

v (1 escar)

I Intrans. shoots forth, flourishes: luath ar an ccioth mhesdar mall | ní esgar ioth 'na ionam early comes the downpour which is expected late, corn does not ripen in due time 23 L 17, 30 (cf. Ir. Monthly 1920, 108 ). Cf. ó d'eascaras gan airgiod since I have grown up (?) or have chanced to be (?) Ó Bruad. iii 162.13 .

II Trans. overthrows, lays low , and in pass. is overthrown, falls: pass. pres. subj. cona rohescart[h]ar mé | is na rohescarthar m'ech, ZCP i 455.14 . perf. roescrad co[r] roimid a chenn `was cast down' Trip. 240.8 . isin tṡluaghadh sin rohescradh Cú Uladh co nderbailt de was thrown (off a horse) AU 1104 . AFM . rohescradh Gilla Brenainn...corusdíchendsad Mumnigh `fell' RC xviii 161. 27 . ra heaschrad e da eoch fen ┐ adbath, TTebe 1694 . an Aodh-chlann... | do heasgradh go haon-chrann siúil the A.-kindred have been laid low to the last mast Ir. Monthly 1921, 243 .