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etallas , etfollas

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n m. looseness (of nails, rivets) (?): only noted in Laws Comm., in g s., in reference to accidents in connection with buildings, chariots, boats, (the use of) flails, sledges, etc., and rendered defect: slan dfir in carbait ce foglaid in carbat risium, acht na raib fis crine na etallais na haicbeile Laws iii 266.1 . slan an[d] dfir in ethair cia foghail in t-et[h]ar riusam acht na raib fis etallais, 208.21 . madh si in chual rofuachtnaig and iar na gnimugud ┐ iar na suigigud, ┐ ni roibe fis forcraide na haicbeile na hetfollais aice, 174.14 . slainti espu ┐ etorbu do cētsceinm na suisti can fis ettollais do cul na de taib, v 158.20 . iii 222.4 . na huile denta so...ō na bia fis forcraidh no aicbeile no etallais slan iat, iii 166 w . cētsceinm an uird can fis ettollais. aithsceinm liac .i. bró in muilind cin fis ettollais v 158.22 . Cf. next.