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Last Revised: 2013

Forms: etirbí

v (bíu; some of the exx. below may belong to * etar-ben). is between ; is distinct from (?) : with subj. ní or impersonally with acc. ; pres. ind. aní [amail v.l.] etirbí fiachu etirbí comlaidre in proportion to the fines is the co-responsibility (?) Cáin Ad. 47 (cf. iterbi ni cluas ┐ aicsen, O'Curry 879 = aritgair...aicsi, O'Dav. 31 ). adaigh eadarba the space of ground which lies between Laws v 482 z (with gl. : in adaigh bis etarru, itir na ferandaib, 484.22 . adich etarba .i. a tir comaidhech ..i. co cethri ┐ rl. O'Curry 871 ). slabrad for chimig, adaig eatarba, in glas, 484. 5 , with gl. : in adaigh bis etarru, in glas ┐ in cimid the extent (of chain) between the lock and the captive (?) 486.6 . ba .i. fal etarba damscuite a fence which separates (?) O'Dav. 327 . da aichi no a trí etarbaí itir do ceili, Laws iv 48.19 Comm. , is obscure and perh. corrupt (leg. i tír do ch. ? or : itir dá ch. ?). ispertside inneterbied a ngnimu acht tissed dó co hǽs ferdattad. aspert cāch eterdobíed, ZCP ix 133 = TBC-I¹ 504 (eterbíad a gnímu...eterdabíad LU ; acht t. doib LUY. The reading a g. is probably to be retained, as the om. of n before gn is not uncommon).

Cf. acht ron-ithed [a thorad] ria mbas nicon etarbai aestu ina imdhuidh acht cend i cotlud, Ériu ii 118.13 , which seems corrupt.