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Last Revised: 2019

n io, n. a boundary, a boundary-ditch, a fence: etarbe .i. erbe eter eit a fence between cattle O'Mulc. 458 . combongat etarba .i. cia coimmbrister in ba bis etarru .i. ailedha ┐ airbedha, O'Dav. 281 . droignech bis a fal etarba 'a blackthorn which is in a boundary wall', CIH ii 582.19 , Bechbretha 109 . is mo diri in craind bis i netarbib a thire oldas in crann bis i fidbaid 'the payment for the tree which is in the boundaries of his land is greater than the tree which is in a wood', Bechbretha 58 § 15 gl. c ​.


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n io, n., later m. a thing of no profit, a useless, vain thing: cor im Cruachain dia Samna | ni hada acht is etarba it is not meet, it is unprofitable (unlucky ?), to make a covenant concerning C. on the day of Samain BB 268a12 = Leb. Cert. 20.6 . torbae iar n-etórbu, Laws i 254.10 . buailis in fear coin na mna | da bhois gerbo etarbha, BB 25b30 . dá raibh coir i gcionn mh'anma | dom aighne budh éadtarbha | mo leas-sa, Dán Dé iv 6 . dogéna ó indebar na n-ech...┐ da cech étarba olchena rubbish, trash PH 7276 . tarfas dam fīs, fúaim n-amra | romloisc grīs a hetarba the foolishness of it has made me blush (?) (Pharaoh and his dream) SR 3310 .