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fáemad , áemad

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(faomhadh) m. (vn. of fáemaid, see fo-eim) accepting; consenting to; conceding: foimath cinadh: conniving at sin (?) ZCP viii 196 § 13 . an corp ... d'aomhadh uilc yielding to sin Dán Dé x 8 . go raibh sí gá guidhe ... ┐ ní ḟuair uaidh a foemhadh she was soliciting him but did not obtain his consent TFrag. 64z . Brian ... do mharbhadh ... la Cloinn Airt ... iar ffaemhadh a anacail after he had been granted quarter AFM iv 1018.9 (after accepting quarter? Cf. in didma th'anacol?, LU 5232 ).