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Last Revised: 2013


Forms: feilm

[n ā, f. ?] a fence: d s. cuaille feda i feilm argait a wooden stake in a silver paling Corm. Y 1018 s.v. orc trēith = i felaim n-a. LB = hi felaim a., Bodl. cualli feda i feilm n-airgit, Ériu xi 48 ( O'Gr. Cat. 145.26 = i foillim n-a., O'D. 953 ), where the phrase is applied to an illegitimate son acquiring property in his mother's tribe, and is glossed : ... in cuailli feda i fighi in airgit. Cf. the paraphrase : is cuaille feada i n-airbe airgit, O'D. 956 . rofoenad felm thuile a bulwark against the flood has been overthrown (?) Ält. Ir. Dicht. ii 25 = IT iii 38 . See also felmae.