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Forms: feilmic

n o, m. g s. feilmic, Laws iv 236.15 . A pupil, student, apprentice to an art or craft, esp. a bardic pupil; in Laws also a pupil of the 7th grade of Latin learning , one who had learnt to read the psalms in Lat., see Laws iv 356.23 Comm. , cited below. felmac .i. mac uad son of poetry Corm. Y 599 . f.¤ .i. mac sesa ┐ mac uadh, O'Dav. 880 . f.¤ ... .i. mac foghlamae, O'Mulc. 512 . fealmhac .i. mac foglama, O'Cl. RC xxvi 14 § 3 ; 15 n. 3 . is urocraig gach fuidir ... cach f.¤ i n-aimsir daīre do fithidir, Laws ii 288.6 (with gl. : cach mac bis ag fogluim eolusa ib. 26 ). fithithair fria fealmac (one of the eight `lánamna' or social connexions recognised by law) 344.4 . fealmac .i. fuilmac mic iar leighind a salm, iv 356.23 Comm . conā urērset felmaic a fithithre `pupils will not rise up before their teachers' RC xxvi 42.15 (with gl. : na descipuil nó na mic foglaimme, 43 n. 7 ). ol a ḟ.¤ fria hAthairne, Ériu xiii 18.32 . fodhbh gach fealmhac fileadh, 20.26 . iarmifoacht araile dia ḟelmacaib do suidiu (pupils of the druid Cathbad) TBC-I¹ 549 = felmaccaim LU. cāidh Dia dinicfa co felmacaib `who will come to us with disciples' O'Dav. 573 . am fealmac-sa do Thadhg, Content. xxii 23 . port congmala tighe n-aoidhedh ... do ḟealmacaibh foghlama scholars, literati AFM v 1606.6 . fromadh féalmhac [félmhach v.l.] is aos gráidh, Ó Bruad. ii 102 . do bhí tri chaoga fialmhac ag focchlaim eigsi ... ag D., Ériu iv 51 § 10 (early 17th cent. MS.). Used apparently of the pupils of a smith : dia festad in goba ┐ ni fetatar na feilmic (of accidents caused by imperfect tools), O'Curry 929 (< H 3.18, 406 ).