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Forms: fersen, feorus, feorus

n (< ferus, a by-form of erus ?) g s. fersen ? Cf. O'Dav. 931 cited below. Name of a tree or plant, probably the spindle-tree: gl. acirus (= acerus < acer "maple" or acorus `galingale' ?) Ir. Gl. 582 . feorus ` spindle-tree, sweet flag, galingale ' Hog. Luibhl. feorus (one of the `fodla feda' or `shrubs') Laws iv 146.26 . Auraic. 1155 ; also called `oir' 1196 . sruithium aicde .i. feirius (a kenning for the Ogham diphthong oi), Anecd. iii 44 ; cf. sruitem aicdi .i. o[i]r, Auraic. 5602 . feirius .i. fiar-ses .i. do fēri in chraind from the twisted form of the tree Corm. Y 578 . Cf. co fríth herus [ferus; ierus, v.l.] chuca ... asin muine mesta, Metr. Dinds. iv 214.57 ( Dinds. 117 ). fersen .i. feorus .i. set in dire fersen .i. samaisc a dire, O'Dav. 931 ; cf. samaisc ┐ dairt ... ┐ dartaid ... tri diri na fodla feda, Laws iv 150.23 Comm.