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Last Revised: 2013

n ā, f. (poss. an Old Irish formation although attested only in the later language, Ériu xxviii 155 ) the use or exercise (of an implement, industry, calling) IGT, Decl. § 26 : f.¤ eich horsemanship ex. 855 . (the form: ferdhacht eich is proscribed as faulty). ót ḟírḟerochd eichsi, ex. 859 . f.¤ coille outlawry, brigandage (?) 850 . nír chin fer bad ferr ar ḟ.¤ eich horsemanship AFM v 1578.11 . feracht sgéal the office of a story-teller 23 L 17 22bx . feracht dána practice of the poetic art: saoi ḟir dána a bfocclaim ┐ a bf.¤ dána, ALC ii 332.9 . feracht súl looking after, caring: f.¤ s. an leinimh do beith ag Aonghus, Nat. MSS. of Scotland III lxxxiv . coimed ┐ f.¤ s. na seacht laracadh `charge and keeping' ib. bíd dúlmhar ... i bhfeardhacht gunnaidhe the use of guns Corp. Astron. 76.14 . feardhacht tighe husbandry 90.15 . Cf. feras.