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Forms: fergnia

n m. f.¤ .i. fortissima femina , gl. virago (analysed as vir + ago ?) Sg. 52a10 . In Mid. Ir. a man-at-arms , apparently one who had passed certain tests and was engaged either in attendance on a king or employed in cases of litigation where the services of a professional champion were needed. ferngnia [fergnia v.l.] .i. mugh, ut est deorad, doermanach ┐ ferngnia .i. doeraicenta no mogh no in t-aire ēchta, O'Dav. 873 = ( feirghnia, Ériu xiii 29.17 , in a list of unsuable persons). triar dia anfine .i. a feargnia ┐ [leg. .i., Thurn., Bürgschaft p. 58 ] a fear leasach, a aircinnech ... ┐ a ceile, Laws v 366.8 Comm. ; the Text is defective, but the passage seems to relate to the recovery of a woman's `coibche' or dowry, in which three of her relatives and three outside her family took part. Cf. caide f.¤ ? .i. fer aga mbi fer gnima (leg. fergnima ?) techta amal do-rime a mBerradh Airechta: dosboingsi a coibche do mnai iar feimed do chach. Ocus ised is f.¤ and .i. ro samaighed .vii. comlaind otha comland deisi goraighi comland morṡeisir. Geibidh fer tara gaisged o gach comland dib go mbid na .vii. fir gabala-sin lais. Is de asber ferghnia, O'Curry 1029 (< H 3.18, 433a ). See Bürgschaft 58 n. 4 . fergnio tri forggaib [leg. forgab ? or fri f.¤ ?] a ` fergnia ' `of three captures' (personal attendant on King of Tara) Laws iv 336.6 (= Críth G. 554 ). fergnío fri forngairi ndoris, Laws iv 338.15 (= Críth G. 591 ). F.¤, ... f.¤ Temrach la Cormac ua Cuind, Ériu xi 44.18 . ni rechtgi fergniadh .i. ni usadh [omission ?] fris in fir ferdha frisneir muir i n-uair ainftine, O'Curry 470 (< H 3.18, 247 ).