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Forms: dofesid, fesiss, fessaiter

v i (apparently denom. from 2 feis) but there may be confusion with the perf. of saidid, often written dofesid, e.g. TBC-I¹ 3163. 3174 ) spends the night, stops (in a place), remains: fessit samlaid co matin, TBC-LL¹ 144 = anait St. co rofesetar ... for bru Boinne, Laws 64.23 Comm. (gl. on : co foetar = co feotar). pret. sg. 3 fesiss in ríg ina ṡuantórthim, LB 219b35 ( MacCongl. 107.23 ). pl. fessaiter na rígrad um P., MacCongl. 19.24 . fessatar co cend trí cóicthiges and i tig Conaill, RC xiv 428x ( LL 111b27 ). The follg. prob. belong to saidid `sits,' q.v.: do ḟeisidar an adhaigh sin isin mbaile, Imr. Brain i 62.10 (cf. doessidar in oighthi ann sin gu soinmhech, Caithr. CC 52 ). fessid ... isin tig oíged co matain, MacCongl. 19.12

Cf. trian ... issed feisi [feise v.l.] leis .i. tarrustar aici, O'Dav. 945 (leg. dofessid ?).