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Forms: fetarlicce, fetarlaic, petarlaic, —laice, —i, —laicthe, —i, fetarlaici, fetarlicce, fetarlice

n f. O.Ir. fetarlicce, from (in) vetere lege, Thurn., Thurn. Hdb. § 914 ; ZCP xii 289 , from stem of Lat. vetus lex with Ir. suffix -che, Pedersen Vgl. Gr. i 223 . In Glosses found only in oblique cases. Mid. Ir. fetarlaic , petarlaic (both forms in PH); g s. —laice (—i, also —laicthe —i), the latter form taken by Stokes ZCP iv 373 as an adj. The Old (Jewish) Law or Testament (both of the dispensation and the Scriptures): often used without art.

(a) d s. asind fetarlaici , Tur. 39 . g s. for testimin na fetarlicce , Wb. 4d25 . fetarlice, 15a25 . Ml. 60b12 . innaimsir inna fetarlaice, 26b7 . sruthi na fetarlaice .i. Abraam ┐ Isac, 31d11 . inna ca[nó]ne fetarlaice, 39b17 . senchus inna feturlicci, Hib. Min. 5.164 .

(b) feadarlaic .i. an seinreacht, O'Cl.

(c) hi timnaib na fetarlaicthe, PH 5852 . With p—: na dā recht rofoíd in Coimdiu ... .i. petarlaicc ┐ núfiadnaise, LB 42a59 = PH 4552 . cech oín peturlaic do lēgh he read every (book of the) Old Testament ZCP vii 304 § 16 . na mirbuli ... dorígne i petarlaicc ┐ inn núḟiadnaise, LB 257b27 . o recht petarlaicthi (sic MS.), Laws i 38.14 Comm. hi petarlaic ┐ i núfhiadnaise, PH 1102 . sruthi na petarlaicthi, 7871 . do dúilib petarlaicthe, 4491 . in eclais chechtarda petarlaice ┐ nuafhiadnaise, 6493 . BColm. 2.3 (petarlaeici). IT i 169.15 (phetarlaicthi). aenta petarlaici fria nuifhiadnusi .i. rechta fria soscéla, Lism. L. 4618 . canóin pedrelge, BB 487b26 .